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miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2014


Para el Premio Nobel de la Paz 2009 no es lo mismo una muerte que otra. Ni siquiera si el muerto se le parece, como es el caso de Michael Brown, un joven negro desarmado que fue asesinado a manos de un agente de policía. Distinta ha sido la actitud por la muerte del periodista blanco James Foley, que murió en un país que el propio  Barack Hussein Obama II mandó borbadear por enésima vez para apropiarse del petroleo que hay en su subsuelo.

Lamentamos la muerte de millones de chicos de todos los continentes que no tienen nada para comer.

Lamentamos la muerte de miles de personas por malaria, ébola, fiebres diversas y cuanta enfermedad vuele por los arrabales del mundo.

Lamentamos la muerte de miles de palestinos inocentes bombardeados en sus casa, en la escuela, en las calles de Gaza por el ejército israelí.

Lamentamos la muerte de cada uno de los terrícolas inocentes que no debieran ir hacia los gusanos anticipadamente, ex profeso, por motivos violentos y por la acción de terceros.

Lamentamos que un presidente poderoso traicione a sus compatriotas, a los inocentes de otros lugares, a la raza humana en su conjunto, que no tenga un gramo de sensibilidad, y nos mienta en la cara en cada discurso...

Si leemos el discurso de Obama, si lo escuchamos atentamente, encontraremos que todo lo que dice pareciera estar referido a las propias acciones genocidas de los estadounidenses a lo largo y ancho del planeta junto a sus aliados en las masacres de todos los tiempos...

Desde el enome asesinato masivo más grande la historia cometido por los yanquis:  la Masacre HIROSHIMA Genocidio NAGASAKI, hasta el actual genocidio en cuotas cometido por el ejército israelí con el aval de la Casa Blanca contra los pauperizados palestinos en GAZA, todo lo norteamericano con rayas rojas y blancas y estrellitas huele a muerte y cinismo infinito.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good afternoon, everybody.

Today, the entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of Jim Foley by the terrorist group ISIL. Jim was a journalist, a son, a brother and a friend. He reported from difficult and dangerous places, bearing witness to the lives of people a world away.

He was taken hostage nearly two years ago in Syria, and he was courageously reporting at the time on the conflict there. Jim was taken from us in an act of violence that shocked the conscience of the entire world. He was 40 years old, one of five siblings, the son of a mom and dad who worked tirelessly for his release. Earlier today, I spoke to the Foleys and told them that we are all heartbroken at their loss and join them in honoring Jim and all that he did.

Now, Jim Foley’s life stands in stark contrast to his killers. Let’s be clear about ISIL. They have rampaged across cities and villages killing innocent, unarmed civilians in cowardly acts of violence. They abduct women and children and subject them to torture and rape and slavery. They have murdered Muslims, both Sunni and Shia, by the thousands. They target Christians and religious minorities, driving them from their homes, murdering them when they can, for no other reason than they practice a different religion.

    Ahora, la vida de Jim Foley está en marcado contraste con sus asesinos. Seamos claros acerca de ISIL. Han arrasado en todas las ciudades y aldeas, matando a civiles inocentes y desarmados en actos cobardes de violencia. Ellos secuestran a las mujeres y los niños y los someten a la tortura y la violación y la esclavitud. Han asesinado a musulmanes, tanto suníes como chiíes, por miles. Se dirigen a los cristianos y las minorías religiosas, expulsándolos de sus hogares, asesinarlos cuando pueden, por ninguna otra razón que practicar una religión diferente.

They declared their ambition to commit genocide against an ancient people. So ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. No just god would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day. ISIL has no ideology of any value to human beings. Their ideology is bankrupt. They may claim out of expediency that they are at war with the United States or the West, but the fact is they terrorize their neighbors and offer them nothing but an endless slavery to their empty vision and the collapse of any definition of civilized behavior.

People like this ultimately fail. They fail because the future is won by those who build and not destroy. The world is shaped by people like Jim Foley and the overwhelming majority of humanity who are appalled by those who killed him. The United States of America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. We will be vigilant and we will be relentless. When people harm Americans anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done and we act against ISIL, standing alongside others. The people of Iraq, who with our support are taking the fight to ISIL must continue coming together to expel these terrorists from their community. The people of Syria, whose story Jim Foley told, do not deserve to live under the shadow of a tyrant or terrorists. They have our support in their pursuit of a future rooted in dignity.

From governments and peoples across the Middle East, there has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so that it does not spread. There has to be a clear rejection of this kind of nihilistic ideologies. One thing we can all agree on is that a group like ISIL has no place in the 21st century. Friends and allies around the world, we share a common security and a common set of values that are rooted in the opposite of what we saw yesterday. And we will continue to confront this hateful terrorism and replace it with a sense of hope and civility.

And that’s what Jim Foley stood for, a man who lived his word, who courageously told the stories of his fellow human beings, who was liked and loved by friends and family. Today, the American people will all say a prayer for those who loved Jim. All of us feel the ache of his absence. All of us morn his loss. We keep in our prayers those other Americans who are separated from their families. And we will do everything that we can to protect our people and the timeless values that we stand for. May God bless and keep Jim’s memory. 

And may God bless the United States of America.

«Ningún dios toleraría lo que hicieron ayer y lo que hacen todos los días», dice mister president.

Y dios, si existe, parece ser cada día más reaccionario...


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